Our Purpose


Skinalicious was founded by an Australian female entrepreneur Paula Gray during her biggest battle – the dreaded stage 2 Breast cancer.  We are ecstatic to report that Paula beat breast cancer like a boss, and it was in the course of this fight that she realized that her spirit could be rattled, but it could not be crushed. With newfound determination, she set about building a business that would motivate her to get up and seize the day, inspiring those around her... that you are limitless, and that anything is possible.


Interested in beauty from a very young age, she was always ahead of the trends, however starting a business like this seemed daunting when you think of the mega juggernauts that have such tight control over this huge industry oceans away. Even so, she felt that there was a lot lacking in skin care and she knew what she wanted in her dream skin beauty line.


And so Skinalicious was born. During a pandemic and personal recovery of all times! Paula has spent years specially curating luxurious and high-quality ingredients in an affordable, results-driven, easy-to-use and stylish small batch.


The ingredients sourced are enriched with powerful antioxidants, with the heroes being Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid, promoting soothing and healing, nourishing and brightening healthy skin, and importantly 100% Vegan and Animal Cruelty free.


Skinalicious is female led, locally and singly owned and Paula hopes to influence others, young and young at heart that they can love themselves, love their skin and believe that their worth is beyond measure. Thank you for your support, you are so valued!




What drives us

What we believe .

In the course of this fight, Paula realized that she could only take control back by being brave enough to tell others about what she found out along the way. She wanted them to know they were not alone and there is no shame in having cancer or going through treatment for it. Skinalicious was created for all skin types, you can bounce back.